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Mentoring the development of DS content on planning and urban curricula

The Digital Planning Task Force report the the second most relevant barrier for UK local authorities to adopting digital tools is Insufficient digital skills among planners.

Being decision support heavily linked to the development and use of different digital tools, it can be argued the need for better eductaing planning professionals in decision support knowledge and methods is key to qualify how decision making impacts the lives of citizens.

Local authorities in the UK and across the globe need to capacitate their officials on decision support to have them aware of possible routes for more inclusive and transparent decision support processes, where all stakeholders have a represented voice.

This literacy in decision support starts with undergraduate and postgraduate curricula having explicit decision support content, used in combination with other core areas of knowledge to expose future planning professionals to the need and the potential of using decision support methods.

BeDS4BUG aims at providing support to academics and professional training officials in developing decision support content and curricula at several stages of planning education, for all professions involved in planning - planners, architects, geographers, engineers, public administration, etc.

Contact to discuss expert support in developing your own set of decision support content tailored for your case.

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