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Moss Side, Manchester
United Kingdom


Participatory planning for community DS

The project aims at delivering a full co-produced participatory methodology for neighbourhood planning and

management using geodesign hub, a spatially explicit, digital decision support tool. Digital planning is now a

central policy framework for the Royal Town Planning Institute: “A digital planning system must make it easier

for diverse voices to participate in the creation of long-term visions for place.” (RTPI, 2019). The project will use

the case of Moss Side to engage with local community groups and citizens, along with institutional stakeholders

(such as MCC and UoM within the MSP) to create a replicable protocol that fosters citizen participation based on

local knowledge, local data and an integrated approach that uses digital tools. It will promote transparency,

accessibility and accountability of urban governance processes.

Main research questions [RQ] are: [RQ1] how to effectively incorporate local community knowledge and practices

on participatory have on the design and use of transferable digital planning tools? [RQ2] what are the drivers

that generate trust between community stakeholders and planning experts in planning- and decision-support


Geodesign Hub is one of the most powerful, easy-to-use, integrated map-based decision support systems

currently in the market and has a track record of tens of participatory projects around the world with many

focusing on neighbourhood issues and local development, such as working with coastal communities in Ireland,

Native American communities in Arizona, USA or local development in favelas in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

The DSS-MS proposal will build on networks and local knowledge generated by parallel UoM projects in

partnership with MCC, on the theme of participative/collaborative governance and planning, especially the Localwise


The DSS-MS project will respond to the interest of the MSP regarding their strategy for Moss Side, delivering a

tangible contribution to the ongoing discussions on neighbourhood development in Moss Side, generating

effective impact of decision support tools in local urban governance.

Outputs [P] [C] [O] [E]

[No output was generated yet.

Project Partners

The project is a partnership with the Moss Side Partnership, in Manchester.

Research Team

The reserach is coordinated by Dr Nuno Pinto (University of Manchester) .

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